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Kelly Lance

Illustration & Graphic Design

Hello and thank you for visiting,

I am a certified Natural Science Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
I attended the Natural Science Illustration Graduate Program
of California State University, Monterey Bay and also at the University of Washington. My mission is to help researchers visually communicate their work to a general audience and
among their peers.

For ten years and counting, I've worked with several ocean-centered institutions and individual researchers, developing a focus in marine science (science and engineering).

Some of my more popular illustrations are the deep-sea seafloor diversity, E-DNA sampling (environmental DNA), Diel Vertical Migration - the largest migration on Earth, and squid and marine mammals. Given the challenges of ocean exploration, I also illustrate the technology and engineering which makes research possible in all depths of the ocean. 


Beyond illustrations, I create various communication materials from animation/data visualization, diagrams and graphic design: museum exhibition graphics, Annual Reports/Strategic Plans, banners, posters, icons and logos. 

If you have been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium recently, I am the lead graphic designer for Into the Deep, which opened in April of 2022 and updates often.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Kelly Lance


Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary / SCCOOS / CeNCOOS / IOOS / NOAA / Scripps /
MBARI / Monterey Bay Aquarium / Zoo Tampa /
Woodland Park Zoo / National Wildlife Federation /
Stanford University / Princeton University /

Death Valley Natural History Association 


SCCOOS 2021-26 Strategic Plan / Nature Journal / Nature Sauvage / National Wildlife / Oceanography / The Biochemist /
EOS: Earth and Space Science News / MBARI Annual Reports /
Nature Communications / Scientific American /

Wired / @ The Zoo

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